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Since 2020
Who we are

Nothing brings people together like good food

Made Healthy. Live Healthy.

Welcome to Heavenly Takoyaki, where passion meets flavor in every bite! At Heavenly Takoyaki, we're more than just a food brand; we're a community dedicated to delivering delicious, healthy, and affordable food options to our valued customers.

  • We speak the good food language
  • The only thing we’re serious about is food.
  • The good side of the food
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Joseph Peter Lo & Brian Molde

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Our Milestone

Signature Sauce

Our signature sauce is the result of meticulous experimentation and dedication to quality. We source the finest ingredients and blend them with precision, allowing the flavors to harmonize and create a symphony of taste that delights the senses.

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Our Journey

Started our Journey

Motivated by our passion for serving delicious and wholesome food, we set out to reinvent the takoyaki experience. From the very start, we've focused on using the best ingredients while keeping our prices affordable.

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Our Staff

Passion and Precision

Our team members are more than just employees—they're artisans, infusing each takoyaki with a touch of passion and pride. From the careful shaping of each ball to the precise timing of the cooking process, our staff approach their craft with dedication and precision.

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Hundreds of flavors
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Door Delivery

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Outdoor Catering

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Fine Dining

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Banquets Hall

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